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Glenn Wayne Osher


Cell: 082 555 0236
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Poverty & Aids Alleviation Centre

Bank: ABSA

A/C Type: Savings

A/C Number: 9273336190

Branch Code: 632005
NPO #064-250
PBO 930039608

082 555 0236

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Glenn Wayne Osher:
Cell 0825550236
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Qur’an 41:       v.34 - 35
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“So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.” 1 Corinthians 10: 31

To see families being restored to God and to one another in prisons and out of prisons.…
and productive in the workplace and home with integrity and character. To be set free in
spirit, soul and body from all bondages.


One day at a time...with integrity, love, hope, faith and perseverance bringing hope to the
hopeless and teaching people to be excellent in Godly values.
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Glenn’s Book
Glen & his precious wife Amore God willing one day at a time spending +- 3 months on every continent
& then following up & going to new places for another 3 months around the world building bridges
between precious jews,muslims,Christians & all other people in and out of prison,poor areas,
schools,radio stations,television,newspapers, magazines & helping people to start there own
businesses and job creation. Please help us with 100s,1000s,100s of 1000s, millions,billions.
The finances will be used for tickets for aeroplanes, helicopters, taxis, buses, subways, cheap hotels,food,
Pamphlets, booklets, rent, our 2 mammas, laundry, cell phones, printing, internet, stationary, groceries,
medical aid, life insurance & other emergencies.
God richly bless you all.
Love Glen and Amore Osher.   
  Glenn and Amore Osher
True Jihad is trusting Jesus to get our golden calves, idols and partners with God like rage, hatred, unforgiveness, smoking,
drugs, alcohol, lies, pornography, pride, truth out of context, homosexuality, drunkenness, murder, adultery, cowardice, etc.
out of our hearts and holiness, kindness, mercy, compassion, self-control, patience,
forgiveness, love and assurance of eternal life into our hearts.

God's plan to cleanse and save you

"Whoever has the son [Isa], Jesus has life; whoever does not have
God's Son does not have live" 1 John5:12

Trust Jesus to go to eternal life and not to eternal torment. Those who are wise will shine
like the stars in the firmament and win many to righteousness.       Daniel 12: 1 - 3

Don’t forget it is God who has given us power to create wealth to establish his covenant
Through Messiah Jesus.

Only God’s love can convert a human being, not any man. Learn from Mandela who was
Buried in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit and not God, Jesus and Mary.
As the sun, moon and eleven stars bowed down to Joseph so too will every knee bow to
Jesus.                                   Qur’an chapter 12; Genesis chapter 37
The lessons we learn from the most beautiful story of Joseph is to forgive and love our
enemies, practising patience and self control and having a moral character.