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Poverty & Aids Alleviation Centre

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082 555 0236

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Qur’an 34:       V.34 - 35
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“So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.”
1 Corinthians 10: 31
About Glenn Osher

After Glenn spent his first 9yrs growing up in chaotic conditions at home with 2 special
parents & 4 special sisters, the Jewish welfare along with a court order put Glenn & 4 sisters
into Arcadia Jewish orphanage & precious mom into Krugersdorp sanatorium & dad to stay in
house alone. Glenn spent a lot of time on the street running from home and being involved
with lots of naughty things, and only God whom Glenn believed in but had no idea where or
who God was protected Glenn all this time without Glenn realising it.
Having learned Hebrew, had his bar mitzvah at 13,army at 16 for 2 years, worked at OK
Bazaars, Bimbos, Goodgold jewellery sales, turn & tender, then had his own bodybuilding
gym,takeaways, catering business, motivation business, his late Mr universe & Mr SA
bodybuilding champion fathers gym equipment business. At 29 Glenn was heavy laden and
burdened, but suddenly in Dallas USA in 1989 Glenn had an encounter with a blond preacher
lady who spoke Gods word with love into my heart and Glenn was born again from above, in
spirit and in the water of God, he miraculously met his Jewish Messiah Yeshua,Jesus,Isa.and
was healed from headaches,back pain, skin disease,frustration,anxiety,racism,apartheid
scars,anti-Semitism,fear of reading his own Jewish bible, the new testament and the Quran.
Glenn has paid all his outstanding moneys, he loves his children, grandchildren, mom,
sisters and his enemies. After the privilege of flying in 30 + aeroplanes around the world
Glenn has been doing community development with squatter camps, street people,prisoners,
various faiths to love God and to love one another, job creation, healing the sick, soup
kitchens, encouraging everyone he walks past & seminars all over. Glenn visited all the
worlds’ holocaust museums, including Dachau concentration camp in Germany, & Yad
Vashem holocaust centre in Israel. Glenn has been trained in dynamic personal and
organizational goal setting, time management, communication, physical fitness, leadership,
community development with more than 45 nations of the world, studies the whole bible &
Quran and Hindu, Buddhist, Hari Krishna bible and all other world religions. Glenn is married
by Gods precious grace to his precious wife Amore Ruth Osher. Your company etc. will never
be the same again after a 1 hour seminar with Glenn and some tasty food and refreshments
where he answers difficult questions and brings solutions to life’s problems. So we don’t
have to bring our problems to work, we can get rid of them...Glenn is passionate to come
do a seminar with you.
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